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"Mariann’s knowledge, quiet style and warm interest helped me enormously to recover from the effects of a long term virus, and years of digestive difficulties.  I have recommended her to several friends, and warmly recommend her to you, readers of her website.” - Penny H, Cambridge

"I had been suffering from endometriosis for few years when I met Mariann. The doctors recommended synthetic hormones but I had to stop them due to the strong side effects. I got very frustrated and was trying to find a better solution for my problems. And I found Mariann’s website on the Internet…
After the first consultation with Mariann she gave me different options how I can start working on my health.
I had to change my diet fundamentally however within few weeks I noticed significant improvements. My abdominal pain disappeared completely and I started to lose weight, which was very hard before.  After many years of pain it was like a miracle. My irregular and painful period was regular and pain free first time after many years. My blood test showed normal hormone levels too, I was very happy with my results.
All these improvements were related to the fact that I followed Mariann’s advice to the letter. I also responded really well to the natural hormone therapy.
Mariann was very helpful and supportive all the way through.
Now, this is my 8th month on this new healthy lifestyle and I feel great and happy again. It is very good to know that there are natural alternatives to operation and synthetic hormones.
I am very thankful for Mariann’s help and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation." - Agnes Z., Luton

"Mariann is like an angel to me. Before I met Mariann, I had been through 3 operations and 8 cycles of chemotherapy treatments for my cancer.  I suddenly realised that I need to take care of myself but I didn't know what to do? Then I met Mariann. I went to Mariann's 1st consultation session, she gave me advice not only on my diet but also on how I should manage my life in terms of my work/life balance.  I felt stressed at work and Mariann listened to my problems and gave me support too. I would highly recommend Mariann to anyone." - Mrs Simpson, Cambridge

“I was preparing for difficult professional exams and under a lot of stress. Mariann reviewed my diet and advised me on an eating and supplement plan that helped strengthen my immune system whilst providing me with the energy I needed to tackle long hours of revision and enabling me to combat the stress. I fully believe that her help and advice made it possible for me to perform to the best of ability.” - Angela Q, London

“I used to have serious headaches and mood swings combined with continuous tiredness. After my first visit, we established that my diet does not reflect the needs of my hectic lifestyle. Mariann drafted an easy to follow and practical group of meals to take that are easily available without much time to spend to find them in the supermarket or in the canteen. The natural remedies and supplements advised also helped a lot to ease the symptoms of hay fewer. Highly recommended!”  - Zsolt G, London

“I used to suffer from low immunity and constantly suffered from colds during winter months. During my treatment Mariann gave me some very helpful tips to modify my diet and lifestyle and recommended supplements. These proved to be a great success. Now I have no colds at all and my immunity is better than ever. Many thanks.” - Adam N, Cambridge

"Since I have known Mariann, I have learnt a lot from her about healthy eating. Then when I found out I was pregnant, she was the very first person I turned to for help with the early pregnancy nausea and iron deficiency. Her dietary advice helped me calm my constantly upset stomach and fight the extreme fatigue I experienced. The latter was also caused by low iron level in my blood, which was quickly sorted by Mariann's advice tailored to my needs.
It is good to know that I can turn to her whenever I have concerns about my pregnancy and general well-being. Mariann's approach to changing one's eating habits is based on getting to know her patient first, then guiding her patient through the changes one needs - at one's own pace." - Maria R, Cambridge

“I would like to say a big thank you to Mariann for helping me to overcome my serious food allergy. Through her advice and help I have managed to change my diet completely and as a result I have more energy, my immune system is stronger and I feel better than ever before. I recommend her to anyone who would like to feel better and healthier.” - Barbara N, Cambridge

"I have suffered from PCOS and endometriosis in the past 10 years. I was told by my doctor that I only have a small chance of getting pregnant. Mariann has been continuously supporting my hormonal imbalance; she has put lot of effort in my treatment. Now I am very happily pregnant, Mariann’s help and advice has enabled me to be healthy again and most importantly having a baby. She is the best therapist I have ever met, I am very thankful to her." - N B, Budapest

"I would recommend Mariann to everyone, who would like to live healthily. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. Her consultations are not only concentrated on healing the symptoms, but looking at the whole body and lifestyle of the person. I used to suffer from bloating and was overweight for years. Thanks for her help, my digestion is better and lost weight. My energy level is outstanding and I feel much happier. Thank you Mariann."- Kate H, Cambridge