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Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie

In our society backache is the most common musculoskeletal ailment. There is a relationship between the inactivity of modern back care and the persistence of back problems in western societies.

What are the most efficient and effective activities to treat a backache?

Robin McKenzie (1931- 2013) specialised in the treatment of spinal disorders and developed his own examination and treatment methods. His method is now recognised internationally. Several research projects demonstrate the efficacy and importance of the McKenzie method.

The McKenzie exercises are different than the usual programmes focused at muscle strengthening. These exercises are focused at improving the structure and metabolism of the soft tissues including the disc.

The nice part of this active treatment is that we can do it for ourselves easily.
Ideally it is performed with the supervision of a trained therapist, but in general much of the treatment can be accomplished following a few basic guidelines as described in McKenzie's book.

For more information about the McKenzie method visit McKenzie Institute's homepage

Robin McKenzie: Treat Your Own Back, ISBN 0-9597746-6-1