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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of healthcare which encourages and promotes the body’s natural
self-healing mechanism and helps to achieve homeostasis on a physiological, mental and
emotional level.

How do Naturopaths work?

The defining principle in Naturopathy is “The healing power of Nature” (Vis Medicatrix
Naturae) and its ability to harness the self-healing mechanism of the body.

Naturopaths work according to the Naturopathic principles:

- The healing power of Nature – given the right conditions, the body will self-heal.
- Prevention is preferable to cure.
- The underlying cause of the disease is identified and treated - not the symptoms.
- The Whole person is treated (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).
- The Person is treated not the disease.
- Each person is unique and responds in a different way. Bioindividuality means that
  each person has a unique biochemical makeup.
- Symptoms should not be suppressed; they are there for a reason.
- A Naturopath is an educator, empowering the patient to take responsibility for
  his/her health.
Healing is like a long journey where a Naturopath can guide you all the way through...