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Balancing Your Hormones

The two major female hormones are oestrogen and progesterone. There is a very delicate relationship between progesterone and oestrogen levels that creates hormonal balance. This relationship can be disturbed by stress, exposure to toxins, pollutants, preservatives, chemicals and drugs.

Hormonal imbalance can manifests itself in numerous common physical problems such as uterine fibroids, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, breast cancer, early menopause, infertility and PMS.

The consumption of sugary foods lacking in whole grains, overcooked, over processed and fatty foods devoid of the raw enzymes we were meant to ingest; can disturb our glandular health.

Natural progesterone plays an important role in restoring hormonal balance to the body. It is essential in regulating oestrogen, testosterone, and cortisone, and aids in promoting and sustaining pregnancy.

In both men and women, natural progesterone can raise depleted levels of DHEA and improve mood and libido.