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Hormone Disruptors

Most Western women have been exposed to synthetic hormones via the pill and other hormonal treatments. They also live in a very polluted world. Many of the chemicals in our food and environment, including pesticides, herbicides and substances found in plastics, hair dyes, cosmetics, drinking water and even breast milk are oestrogenic, they can mimic the action of oestrogen in the body. These substances are called xenoestrogens.

The majority of the people including the children in the Western world get a high dose of oestrogen through their life.
The xenoestrogens are very potent and can affect women’s monthly cycle which can no longer has ovulation present. The monthly cycle without ovulation means that women produce no progesterone and will suffer from the symptoms of oestrogen dominance.

Taking into consideration the oestrogenic effects of xenoestrogens, it does not seem logical that women should expose themselves to more oestrogen by taking HRT.